Friday, November 23, 2012

America Rejected the New Ronald Reagan

Those who voted for Barack Obama in 2012, voted for a dismal future for their own children and a further debasement of American culture. The Democrat party promoted Sandra Fluke as its promiscuous poster child for American Womanhood. Leftists, media elitists from NBC, MSNBC, and Hollywood stars told American adolescents to flip off their parents and to stay in bed, have sex, smoke pot and party like a rock star. President Barack Obama promised that he would require that their parents pay for it all and that there would be no consequences.
"Romney's candidacy was the perfect representation of what a Reagan Conservative should be. He lost because America's cultural base has shifted from a self-reliant, God, Family, and Country culture to a nation of dependency looking to the government to socially provide and legislate fairness. America's populace is willing to trade liberty for social security. Hence any candidate preaching conservative values does not resonate with this New American Culture." Read more about it:

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