Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What Is A National Socialist?

Obama is not a Communist; he is a much more dangerous Nationalist.  He has been schooled in Black Liberation Theology which means his Presidency is dedicated to seizing power on behalf of the racial and ethnic minorities of America who he believes have never been given their deserved credit for America's greatness. Obama believes that America is a fatally flawed nation because it built its success upon the colonial exploitation of enslaved black peoples. In Elkhart, Indiana, on 6 August 2008, a 7-year-old girl asked Senator Barack Obama why he wanted to be president. This was his answer: "America is – is no longer, uh, what it could be – what it, it once was. And I say to myself, I don't want that future for my children." Obama has arrived in this time to deliver the required historic justice to America, which is similar to Adolf Hitler's historic ideology for Germany prior to World War Two. Hitler's goal was to provide the justice due for the German people.

The economic aspect of racial historic justice requires a redistribution of wealth through subverting the present government from within using taxation, Unions, industry, banks, and Presidential executive powers to redistribute America's wealth to racial and ethnic minorities. Providing government services to ALL of the people of the nation comes secondary. Obama's snubbing of our most valued international ally, Great Britain, results from his view of that nation as an historic colonial power who exploited the "black man" in not only America, but more importantly, in his father's native land of Kenya.

Obama is a Nationalist Socialist which translates into -- FASCIST.
Obama comes from the land of Saul Alinsky's political thuggery - Chicago.  He believes that the Black elitists he associates with are racially and biologically superior to Whites in every way. Both he and his wife have distain and contempt for traditional American values evidenced long before the election by their close association with Reverend Jeremiah Wright's Black Liberation Theology. Obama's conduct in office on racial and ethnic issues such as his condemnation of the Boston police, the New Black Panther party prosecution, his refusal to secure our Southern Border, and his prolonged conflict with Arizona's attempts to control illegal aliens within its confines show exactly where his priorities lie in governing America. As Senator, Obama travelled to Kenya to campaign for the presidential candidacy of Raila Odinga, a Communist who supported Islamists and the expansive imposition of sharia law in Kenya. Just today, Barack Obama showed his passion when al Qaeda targeted Black Africans in the recent Uganda bombings, calling them RACIST for the murders. In contrast, when an American, Nidal Hasan, with known ties to Islamic terrorists, shot up a group of American soldiers on American soil at Fort Hood, President Barack Obama show no such passion against terrorism and in fact declared Hasan to be but a lone wolf killer with no links to Islam. What a difference the color of one's skin makes in the Obama world of Black Nationalism.
I think of Obama's liberal fascism as a cancer that attempts to kill the two birds of American exceptionalism with one stone. It is a deviously appealing Third Way that in the end, if allowed to triumph completely, kills both individual liberty and Judeo/Christian religion with its single stone.

And, indeed this was the precise goal of Adolph Hitler.  Unlike the outspoken hatred of private property and religion espoused by communists under Lenin and Stalin, Hitler preferred the more moderate-seeming incremental takeover of private enterprise in the interest of the "common good," and the slow-death of Judeo/Christian religion by chipping away at it and replacing the people's dependence upon God gradually with reliance on the state (Hitler). ~~"Barack Obama, the Quintessential Liberal Fascist" by Kyle-Anne Shiver, May 2009:
The above post was inspired by a comment at the Washington Post online by someone named "Candor7, July 14, 2010."

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