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Great Walls of the World

The Great Gringo Wall

Gringo DVD
The United States of America, historically a beacon of freedom for the world, discovered that it had no “Great Wall” anywhere in North America. So the Wise Men in Washington ordered that “The Great Gringo Wall” be built to keep out Mexicans who were walking across the open border.

What do the Mexicans think about our wall? To say that they’re non-plussed is an understatement as Mexico's President has been telling his citizens that the time has come when they will say “you’re not a real Mexican if you haven’t climbed the Great Gringo Wall.”

Pre-Biblical Walls (only one has survived)

* The Great Wall of China, the longest and largest man-made structure

Classical, Biblical, Byzantine and Feudal Era Walls

* Anastasian Wall in Turkey
* Antonine Wall in Scotland
* Aurelian Walls of Rome
* Walls of Constantinople in Turkey
* Roman limes in Upper Germania, Lower Germania and Rhaetia, Germany
* Hadrian's Wall in England
* Jericho walls
* Jerusalem's Old City walls in Jerusalem, Israel
* Kremlin Wall in Moscow, Russia
* Serpent's Wall, the ancient walls in Ukraine
* Offa's Dyke between England and Wales
* Servian Wall, in Rome
* Wall of Phaleron, outside Athens, Greece
* Long Walls linking the port of Piraeus to Athens, Greece
* Themistoclean Walls, outside Athens, Greece
* Trajan's Wall, in Dobruja, Romania
* Western Wall, aka the Wailing Wall, Jerusalem
* Great Wall of Gorgan in Iran

Modern Walls

* Atlantic Wall in France
* Basel City Walls in Basel, Switzerland
* Belfast Peace Lines in Belfast, Northern Ireland
* Berlin Wall in Germany
* Byker Wall in England
* Communards' Wall in the Père Lachaise cemetery, in Paris, France
* Danevirke, Denmark
* Democracy Wall, in Beijing (1978-1979)
* Flodden wall, in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
* Lima City Walls in Lima, Peru
* Ian Curtis Wall in Wellington, New Zealand
* Korean wall, Korean Demilitarized Zone
* Lennon Wall in Prague
* London Wall in England
* Moroccan Wall in Western Sahara and Morocco
* York city walls in England

Future Walls & Walls in Progress

* The Great Gringo Wall in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California
* The Great Cannuckistan Ice Wall along the "Fifty-four Forty or Fight!" border.

The list of historical walls was taken from Wikipedia.

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