Saturday, July 11, 2015

Stolen Confederate Heritage

Representative Jenny Horne was frustrated in the debate over removal of the Confederate Flag in South Carolina. Descendants of Confederate soldiers were claiming the flag as their heritage. Horne had heard enough about "Southern Heritage" and she approached the lectern to lecture them about her far more impressive heritage - direct descent from the President of the Confederate States of America, Jefferson Davis. As the modern-day emissary of her self-appropriated ancestor, she demanded removal of his "SYMBOL of HATE off these grounds." Although Southerners are usually reticent about bragging on their famous forebears, Jenny Horne was unabashed.
“I have heard enough about heritage. I have a heritage. I am a lifelong South Carolinian. I am a descendant of Jefferson Davis, okay?"
Yes, it is okay, if it is true. Those who have "heritage" in their family's Confederate service, not only know the names of their ancestors, but the battles they fought, the units they served under, the battle flags they carried, and their lineage from father to son down to present day. Horne told "The Post and Courier" that she is a descendant of Confederate President Jefferson Davis — a claim she said she never researched but was told to her by her grandfather, who was proud of the fact. Regardless, there is nothing that supports her enrobing herself with the respected mantle of a well documented historic American family. Jefferson Davis left few descendants, therefore Representative Horne would have found the genealogical research quite simple, for all four of Davis's grandchildren came of age during the twentieth century. In addition, there is a Davis Family Organization that keeps tract of its descendants.
High birth is disparaged by those who lack it. Those who are boastful of high birth have little else to their credit. --Old Virginia Saying
Heritage in the South is not based upon the rank of one's ancestor in history, it is based upon his honor, duty and service. Jefferson Davis, who was destined to become America's most maligned leader, was in fact a man of great integrity, honor and principle, an American Patriot. It is disrespectful to Jefferson Davis and his true descendants for him to be made into a fake ancestor by those seeking aggrandizement of themselves and furtherance of their political goals. Before serving as President of the Confederate States of America, 1861-1865, Jefferson Davis proved his great dedication to the nation of his birth.

  • 1824 - 1828 West Point
  • 1828 - 1835 US Army
  • 1845 - 1847 US Congress
  • 1847 - 1848 Mexican War
  • 1848 - 1853 US Senate
  • 1853 - 1857 US Secretary of War
  • 1857 - 1861 US Senate
Jefferson Davis deserves more honor for his dedication to a nascent United States of America, than to be have his bloodline and heritage shamelessly expropriated by a petty politician who needs a win and a day or two of media limelight. 

Jefferson Davis Descendants

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