Monday, November 24, 2014

Obama's Sunni America

Those Americans who read Senator Barack Obama's TWO autobiographies published before his run for President could have accurately predicted Obama's foreign policy. However, after his election, any of us who dared to quote from Obama's writings were silenced with charges of Racism from Obama worshippers and Democrats. Now with Obama's six successful years of transforming America behind us, we are ridiculed for having been so gullible.

As a child, Barack Obama was adopted by his mother's second husband, Indonesian Muslim Lolo Soetero. When the family lived in Indonesia, Obama went by the name of Barry Soetero, where on his school registration form his religion was recorded as Muslim. There is nothing he has done that could convince one that he is not a Muslim. It is permitted for Muslims to lie to infidels and sitting in Reverend Jeremiah Wright's church for twenty years could be just another as a form of lying. Or it could be that Reverend Wright himself was acceptable to Sunni Muslims, as he himself had been indoctrinated into the Black Muslim faith before opening his so-called Christian church.

Barack Hussein is a Sunni Muslim. Saudi Arabia is the preeminent Sunni Muslim nation and that is the reason our brand new American President showed his fealty to Saudi Arabia's king by bowing to him. Saudi Arabia supports the Muslim Brotherhood as does President Barack Obama. Ignoring the Egyptians who were clamoring for freedom, the US helped depose our ally Mubarak so that the Muslim Brotherhood could take over the governance of Egypt. Saudi Arabia supported the rebels in Libya, so Obama's America went to war against Khadaffi. Saudi Arabia supports the rebels in Syria so the Obama Administration has been transferring weapons from Libya to those rebels. America's transferring M-1 tanks and helicopter gunships to Egypt is not about America's need for oil, it is about what any good Sunni nation would do.

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