Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Non-Totalitarian America

Today is Halloween, and it is a scary time indeed. 

--- Take a stand for a non-totalitarian America and work to defeat those whose minds have been shackled with the hard-core Leftism of Multi-culturalism, Diversity, Political Correctness. At this moment in time most of the institutions of our American society -- government, businesses, colleges, charities, religious institutions and the like -- have been captured by the Cultural Marxists and the nation we will leave to our children will be a place of darkness, unlike the free land of hope and opportunity that we old folks inherited from our World War Two parents and grandparents. We are in Revolution, in the midst of a bloodless coup, and we on the Right side are losing the battles and we are in danger of losing our native land forever.

The Democrat Party has been transformed into a party of Radical Leftists intent on transforming America into a Land of Marxists, Fascists and Totalitarians. The party's constituency of Liberation Catholics, Social Justice Jews, Inner-city Blacks and Black grievance leaders, radical Feminists, the Gay Mob, and illegal aliens, along with a peppering of wealthy crony Socialists in Hollywood and on Wall Street, constitute at least half of America these days. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Here is an example of a Democrat Radical who is in control of your Health Care from now on. It is his party of radicals who now determine what kind of health care you will receive for yourself and your family. That decision is no longer in your hands because you are too dumb to know what is best for you. This man is Democrat United States Congressman Frank Pallone from New Jersey. Listen to his brilliance:

  America Coming Apart

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