Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Who Are the Racists in 2012?

All White People are Racist except for Democrats -- American Truism #1

53% of White voters tell pollsters they will vote for Mitt Romney - Paul Ryan, which means that Whites as a whole are 53% RACIST. 36% of Whites tell pollsters they will vote for Barack Obama which means that 36% of Whites are not Racist. Not good, right? Only 36% of Whites are good people, according to Democrats. Sad but true.

But what do the polls tell us about Black voters? Black voters are voting for Barack Obama by 86%? Therefore, to follow Democrat party logic, 86% of Blacks are Racist. Only 6% of Blacks will vote for the White guys, while 36% of Whites will vote for the Black dude. Not good, right? Proves that Blacks are far more Racist than are Whites.

But it also proves something far more insidious. It proves that Black people are not only far more Racist than Whites, but they are far dumber, for under Barack Obama's policies no other ethnic group has lost more jobs and seen the value of their homes, and household incomes decrease more. Yet they continue to vote for the guy who diminished their own lives, because that man is Black. Or maybe it is because of the Obama phones, Obama food stamps, Free Abortions, or Obama supporting Homosexual Marriage and Gays in the Military.

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