Sunday, September 18, 2011

The South and the Legacy of Reconstruction

Here is more indication that America's South is still suffering from the effects of Reconstruction of almost a century and a half ago.

America's Poorest States: Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, West Virginia, Louisiana, Montana, South Carolina, Kentucky, Alabama, North Carolina

Other nations who have fought wars against the United States have been treated far more kindly than have the former Confederate States of America. Germany and Europe were rebuilt into today's economic powerhouses by the United State's Marshall Plan. Japan saw its after war military occupation overseen by America's General McArthur which placed that nation on a path to success in just a few decades. Reconstruction in America's South was nothing like the Marshall Plan nor Occupation of Japan. It was basically designed to punish, not help and its legacy continues.
Mississippi ... is an economic black hole, and it shows in the way people suffer there. And, as is true with black holes, it is nearly impossible for the residents of Mississippi to escape their difficult financial situations. There is a dearth of federal programs that target specific states and cities based on local economic need.

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