Sunday, October 24, 2010

League of Women Voters Describes 'Phony Patriotism'

Illinois' top League of Women Voters official, Executive Director Jan Czarnik, has described calling for a recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance as "phony patriotism" - (Daily Herald)

The person who requested the Pledge of Allegiance is an Hispanic immigrant, Joe Ptak.
"My name is Joe Ptak and I live in Island Lake, Illinois. I attended the Joe Walsh-Melissa Bean 'forum' and I WAS THE INDIVIDUAL who stood up and wanted to know why the pledge of allegiance was not going to be recited … I thought it might have been an oversight. I was flabbergasted and stunned to hear the LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS moderator say to me, and the audience, that it was never part of their program at these events and will not allowed.

"Please keep in mind that this 'forum' was organized in Grayslake High School for the benefit of the students, who were asking the questions. Furthermore, there were numerous students present (gaining extra credit) as well as 350 adults and media who packed the auditorium." (from Tucson Citizen)

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