Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hitchens Unhitched

"To be honest, the most idealistic and brave and committed and intelligent young people I know have joined the armed forces and they're now guarding us while we sleep in Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere. I would never have expected that would be what I'd say about the students that I have to teach." ~~Christopher Hitchens, June 8, 2010, to Jon Stewart.
However, in the 1960s, when young American soldiers were bleeding and dying in Vietnam to save the Free World from the evils of Communism, Christopher Hitchens joined forces against them. He was then showing his anger over the Vietnam War by throwing brickbats from the political left, and accusing the United States of nuclear proliferation, racism and "oligarchy," including capitalism.

Communism, Marxism and all the other Isms that were the scourge of the last century espoused creeds that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of millions of humans. The spirits and dreams of at least that many more men, women and children were crushed and destroyed by the jack-booted thuggery of the followers of the Isms. During the Vietnam era, while some Americans were putting their lives on the line to save their fellow humans, Christopher Hitchens and his ilk chose to ridicule and diminish the selflessness of those who took a stand against human enslavement. Somehow, under the leadership of a true Cold Warrior, Ronald Reagan, we who fought against Communism won that battle. Afterwards, we discovered that the Communists of the twentieth century made the Nazis (six million jews murdered) look like pikers, as the followers of Lenin and Marx did not limit their victims to Jews, but destroyed every race, religion, belief, that sought freedom.

Yes, under the leadership of Ronald Reagan, we thought we ran the Communists out of the Free World. We were wrong and unprepared for what happened next. While Americans were captivated by the sordid details of a Presidential blue dress, jumping up and down with joy at the election of the first black President, the Communists returned with a vengeance. They took over the universities, the minds of the dumbed-down electorate, and now the government whilst the aging Freedom Fighters were inattentive. VOILA -- We are all Communists now. But ... careful, don't say the forbidden word "Communism," as you will be horrifically ridiculed, à la the Saul Alinsky playbook.

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