Saturday, September 19, 2009

American Eugenics and Real Racists

Who Is That Masked Woman?
Superhero for Choice
(Planned Parenthood Promotional Video, featuring "Superhero for Choice")

While ex-President Jimmy Carter, Bill Cosby and virtually all supporters of Barack Obama are labelling as RACISTS anyone who criticises Barack Obama's massive takeover of America's health industry, no one is pointing a finger at America's "official" Eugenics program that snuffed out the innocent lives of more than ten million blacks in just twenty years. In fact, the most enthusiastic supporter of Planned Parenthood's American Eugenics is the Democrat Party, supported overwhelmingly by black people. While blacks are labelling all white Southerners as RACISTS, none of them has ever peered into a looking-glass to glimpse the self-loathing black peering back. Those Democrat blacks in Congress condemning their white critics are all strong supporters of Planned Parenthood and the "pro-Choice" movement, which has practiced black eugenics since its founding by Margaret Sanger. This promotional video created by Planned Parenthood is evidence that they are indeed targeting youngsters "of color" with their message. But hey, who's noticing? Not any black leaders, as they are too busy trying to slander as RACISTS any and all white critics of Barack Obama.

She's Planned Parenthood's Superhero for Choice! Call Homeland Security - QUICK! We now have our own homegrown terrorists right under our noses in the City by the Bay - San Francisco, and funded by our own American taxpayers. Planned Parenthood's Superhero For Choice kills pro-life Christians and abstinence educators in her never-ending quest to make America safe for abortion. This jaw-dropping bad cartoon video's message to youngsters "of color" is that white people are evil Christians and Planned Parenthood is their hero. The promotional is so awful that Planned Parenthood San Francisco removed it from their site.

Watch as Superhero for Choice pounces upon peaceable Pro-Life demonstrators in front of a Planned Parenthood clinic. After she shoots and explodes them all with her condom gun, she smiles and says "That's more like it. Open for business $$! Now everyone who needs low cost and confidential health care may enter freely, without intimidation or violence." I kid you not!

UPDATE: When is Water-boarding Good? When used against pro-life Christians, but only when they are drowned by it.

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