Monday, August 24, 2009

Scotland the Chicken-hearted

Shame on the Men & Pity the Women of Scotland

As a result of the unbelievably vile and vulgar obscene names that have been hurled at me and others on Twitter by Scottish thugs, I have no more interest in anything Scottish or of Scotland. Scotland can just go to Hell, if it is not already there. These Twittering Scots should love Hell as they will think it Paradise.

In other words, I now have a visceral and emotional disgust with all things Scottish and Scotland which I expect to be with me for a long, long time.

I have been a blogger for many years. I have slammed many people and countries with my political pontifications when I disagree with them. BUT NEVER has any male, ever before, called me the most vile and foul name for a woman in the English language -- until now. Multiple Scottish male punks on Twitter have done just that, and I am a 68-year-old woman. That is in addition to the Scottish language names they've labeled me of which I know not the meaning. One Scottish man, Sparky, even wished me dead in this blog's comments. This has been in retaliation to me expressing my views of Scotland's freeing a terrorist convicted by Scottish courts of bombing PanAm Flight 103 over Lockerbie in 1988, and which a majority of Americans view as a moral outrage.

I will thank God every day remaining to me that my ancestors left Scotland long ago. Where did all the Bravehearts go that I've read about all of my life? They're obviously NOT in Scotland anymore. From what I can tell of Scotland, it has now become a land of lily-livered Chicken-hearts. And as for their attitude towards women? Well, I would choose their beloved Colonel Gadhafi's Libya as a better place for women, than I would judge Scotland to be. Shame, Shame on the Men of Scotland, and pity the women.

Ode to Twittering Scots: "With disgust I view your morbid face, Little chieftains of the sausage race! Above them all you take your place, Vulgarities, Obscenities, tripe, or Scottish links: Contemptous of women, you be unworthy of any respect, Even As long as a fly's ass."

The Big-headed Scot Criticises a Woman's Hat

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Edna Barney said...

If the Scots are so damn smart and invented the world and all that hooey, how come they cannot speak logicially? Criticize something such as their freeing of a convicted mass murderer and their response is "yo mama's worse." There is a name for their logic and it is "Tu Quoque." It's the "two wrongs make a right fallacy." "Yes, Scotland did wrong, but the U.S. invaded Iraq, so we're both right." It is Scottish logic and if you do not accept it, you are persecuted. See Tu Quoque.