Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Welcoming Diversity ... Except

Come visit environmentally sensitive Yachats,Oregon, prolifically populated with Moonbats. See them in their natural habitat at "Moonbat Friendly" Ocean Haven!

James Taranto of Best of the Web found this resort, Ocean Haven, on the Pacific coast at Yachats, Oregon, which proclaims to be open to diversity of all kinds ... unless you happen to have voted for President George W. Bush. That is correct! The owners of this business put their money where their mouths are. If you voted for Mr. Bush, you are NOT welcome here, as YOU are NOT a part of 'diversity'. Although voting by "secret ballot" is supposed to be de rigor in these United States, businesses in 'progressive' Oregon are apparently permitted to examine patrons' voting histories and discriminate accordingly. One has to ponder why any Republican or other free-thinker would choose to spend capitalist dollars in Oregon, when there are some terrific red states that are truly open to diversity and accommodating to ALL voters. What if other businesses were to exclude all people who voted for say, Jesse Jackson? Would they be allowed to do such in this land of diversity. What if some excluded all those who voted for Hillary Clinton. Would the N.O.W. "ladies" tar and feather them for the anti-diversity crime of gender bigotry? "No Hummers, No RVs, No Bush Voters". There you have it! Bush voters are nothing more than breathing automatons. However, Moonbats Always Welcome! Is this a great country, or what?

Perhaps the loophole is that it is not really discrimination or disrespect for diversity when U.S. citizens are banned "for reasons of health & safety". That must be it, as Ocean Haven states on its web site, "FOR REASONS OF HEALTH & SAFETY OCEAN HAVEN CANNOT ACCOMMODATE ... FOLKS WHO VOTED FOR BUSH ...".
Ocean Haven - "Moonbat" Friendly Lodging on the Beautiful Oregon Coast
Respecting the interdependence & diversity of all life.

Nature-friendly cleaning & maintenance. Committed to limiting human impact on nature.

No Hummers, No RVs, No Bush Voters (due to his environmental destructive policies.)

The self-described goal of Ocean Haven is "Respecting the interdependence & diversity of all life." So, are they following their own rules? Of course not! That would not be defying logic. However, I did find the reason that visitors flock to Yachats, Oregon at its Vacation Guide web site. "This city is know for it terrific stormy winter weather. Visit this city and watch the storms pound into the rocky ledges of Yachats Oceanside." Too bad that I will miss all that, as my kind is not allowed.

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