You Might Be A Liberal Leftist If ...

If you think "progressive" means progress.

If you think that Blame Bush is a valid argument.

If you believe FDR's New Deal ended the Great Depression.

If you think that bowing by an American President is sign of respect not weakness.

If you think an American citizen should be sent to prison for not purchasing health insurance.

If you think Sarah Palin is more of a threat to 'women's rights' than is Sharia Law.

If You have the New York Times app on your iPad or iPhone.

If you think Alan Greyson is the ideal Democrat congressman.

If you repeatedly apologize on behalf of others but never on behalf of yourself.

If you say you support the troops but really hope they lose the war.

If you think Al Gore actually deserved the Nobel Prize.

If you cannot imagine an Hispanic voting Republican.

If you think English as a Second Language should be taught to all US school children.

If you think partial birth abortion is good for America!

If you believed Speaker Pelosi when she said unemployment creates jobs, jobs, jobs.

If you believe that Nancy Pelosi actually drained the swamp.

If you believe in Santa Claus but NOT tax cuts.

If you think that Barack Obama is actually a leader and not a reader.

If you shout RACIST™ at anyone winning a debate with a Liberal.

If you lecture on the dangers of Global Warming whilst flying your own private jet.

If your profile states you are Jewish, but your avatar is pro-Hamas.

If you think treating all people equally, regardless of race, is racist.

If you believe Fundamentalist Christians are more dangerous than Islamist Terrorists.

If you condone Illegal Immigration because criminals vote for Democrats.

If you think you can tax a nation into prosperity.

If you think up is down, black is white, and Totalitarianism is freedom.

If you are so open-minded that your brain has fallen out of your numb skull.

If you forget to say the Victory in Iraq was inherited by Obama from George W. Bush.

If you think you are entitled to what other people earn.

If you think Barack Obama & Jeremiah Wright are practicing Christians but Glenn Beck is not a Christian.

If you think Muslims are patriotic, peace loving Americans, and that is an horrific slander to think that Barack Obama is one.

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